Android app - Nothing seems to work now since this mornings update

Having had both power an HR issues with the android app over the last few weeks. Since updating the xert android app this morning, nothing works now apart from cadence. It’s just one issue after another. No power showing at all.

For me it has been rock solid since the “new” android app came out. Before that I lost all sensors about once every hour and had to force close the app (never knew for sure if it was the app or something else as my BT headphones would have a quick dropout at the same time). 2 hours on the latest release today without a glitch. I’m using ANT+. Have been using the app almost daily for the last couple of weeks.

edit: I’m on beta

The first thing I would try if using both ANT+ and BLE would be to disable BLE entries or vice versa. Then restart the phone.
That at least narrows things down to one protocol or the other.
If you can’t do that because you have a mix of sensor types to connect (like I do) then at least disable any entries you don’t need and restart.

Which phone & OS are you running?

Samsung Galaxy AS50. Nothing works now apart from cadence. No interval sounds either…

I see there is another app update available today taking it to 3.4.4. I’ll update it and try it out today.

There appears to be issues with the latest Samsung Android 10 update on April 20th. It is affecting the ANT+ plugins and radio services. Perhaps other options might be affected too.

Avoid that update if you can, particularly if you have ANT+ only devices. Remove all ANT+ plugins for the time being.

We are monitoring this and hope to see a fix from Samsung/ANT+ sometime soon.

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Tried again on the latest version of the app and still not working.

Thanks for the update. I’m stuck with version 10 so hopefully will see a fix soon.

I’ve just tried using the Trainerroad android app with ant+ and it works fine with the latest version of android 10. Why would this work but the xert android app doesn’t?

Hi George. We too are looking to resolve this but do not have a solution for you just yet unfortunately. Our app isn’t quite so simple.

We’ll likely have a chance to dig into this for you in the next few weeks.

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That’s the wrong TR forum link that you’ve posted. If you look at this one you can see that TR were aware of this issue on December 2019 and resolved the issue back in January 2020…

I posted a search URL.

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Yes I was aware of that thanks. I’m already a member of TR and their forum and have spent a fair bit of time on it.

Perhaps a factor is TR’s background is in software development starting over 10 years ago. Xert’s forte is in sports science and is a relatively new player. Literally. :slight_smile:
I am sure they’ll be able to work out the kinks a few users are experiencing over time. There are lots of variables to consider.

Did the stable release never work on your phone with ANT+? Is that why you became a beta tester for BLE?
I have tried several beta scenarios on my phone (Pixel 2) with BLE and the only issue so far is the recent loss of audio cues. I have run the beta with BLE for two weeks now. Before that I ran the stable release on ANT+; also without incident.
Next I am going to beta test a mix of ANT+ and BLE connections.
I assume you already tried some clean slate tests with a minimum configuration?
I guess what we really need though is someone with a Samsung AS50 to run the same tests.


No, I was having issues with the power settings using the normal android app and ant+. Scott suggested that I tried the beta version.

Okay thanks for the detailed reply. I’ll give it another go this morning using BLE.


I’ve just used the latest version of the beta android app using bluetooth this time instead of ant+. It worked perfectly. I particularly enjoyed the “SMART” part of the workout.

Many thanks


Hi George. Getting curious here. What is the “Smart part” and what can you do with it?
I know the concept of smart workouts but how do I have to interpret “smart” you are just mentioning?

Greetings from Den Haag, The Netherlands! :hugs:

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Hi Johan,

Here’s all the information you’ll need for “Smart” workouts…

Thanks George.
So if I understand correct, the updated Android app is now able to play Smart workouts where before the upgrade it couldn’t do it?

Gr Johan