Android app issues

Keep seeing android app crashes (v. 3.1.8 running on android 6.1) at startup.
This seems to happen if wifi is not connected (I don’t have a Simm card in it) so basically when there is no connectivity.

I also had a failure of the ant plugin mid workout (had to skip an interval), but it recovered on its own after a minute.

That’s by design. It currently needs internet connectivity to work.

I assume you’re seeing the broken bike?

So I either need to put a SIM card or use my iPhone hotspot


I have a similar problem. When I install the app and input my credentials the app appears to work fine. If I then close the app and try to re-run I get an error: ‘Unfortunately, Xert has stopped’. I am using the updated version of the app on Android 6.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S6.


I guess the app should work on old phones too, but isn’t Android 6 from 5 years ago?
Does the phone accept anything higher?
I haven’t had any issues with the app on 8, 9, or 10.

Yes, it is old but according to the specs on the Google Play the app should work with Android 4.4 and up.

I’m thinking this might not be the case.

Same issue occured today on my Note 9 (Oreo 8.1). I have the most updated Xert.
Crash at startup if network is connected. The only way I can use app is disabling network, run app, enable network and tap “Retry” button in app.
But it is definitely not the way I want to use this app.

Everything ok when you login via the web? Is this the beta app? Kindly reach out to for assistance.



I will.

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