Android App & Computrainer

Is it as simple as having a micro USB dongle and then attaching the USB-FTDI-Computrainer cable?

Yup. And then configure it in the SCAN tab. You’ll likely get prompted for permissions to use the USB interface. Once configured, check that the lights are on when you start the activity. We’ve seen on occasion that you need to EXIT the app and reopen again before this happens.

We’re addressing an issue at the moment with trainer control. Let us know if you’re experiencing any problems as we’re in the middle of testing a fix for this.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will let you know how it goes

Armando - I’m new to Xert so may be not seeing some setup/configuration features, but do not see or get the Scan option on the Record screen of the Android mobile app when I plug in my Computrainer (or get the USB permissions prompt).

The light on the Computrainer USB-FTDI cable light up (just like they would if I was plugging it into a laptop). The Sensors screen on the app just shows my bluetooth heart rate sensor.

I should mention that I only have a Xert Trial membership currently.

I’m using a Samsung Note 8 phone with an updated OS. Does USB Debugging need to be on?

Any ideas?

I use another work around for my computrainer that has worked well at least until I stopped training indoors last spring, so have not tried since then but you can get an inexpensive app, CT Bridge from Perf Pro. This will allow your computer to use a separate Ant+ stick to broadcast the Computrainer as an Ant+ FEC unit and you can scan for that with the Samsung Android using the built in Ant+ receiver. It might also have something to do with the trial membership I am not certain on that level but the CT bridge app has worked well for any program that will control an Ant+ FEC unit.

Thanks for the info on Perf Pro.

I just wanted to report back that I’d attempted to get a similar cable as mentioned above (see picture) that I connect to the USB-FTDI-Computrainer cable. The FTDI lights up when connected, but I suspect its looking for some driver that doesn’t exist and then the lights go out.

There’s no scan in the current Android app (presume its automatic since other sensors are found and generally connect quickly.) Possibly some Android update since the original post has eliminated the possibility of a direct Computrainer connection, or it could be some Samsung security issuue. (No prompts come up).20200924_120930|374x500

Sorry I missed this James. The CT USB interface is no longer supported unfortunately. There were too many issues getting it to work consistently on all devices. As mentioned, the CT Bridge from PerfPro is an option we see our users with Computrainers use. It will provide the greatest compatibility with our app.

I can confirm CT Bridge works well with the Android app as of the last time I tried it before the outdoor riding season started. I am about to get the system up again and hopefully all things remain the same. As long as Xert accepts Ant+ FEC I think we are all good because CT Bridge sends out an ANT+ FEC compliant signal.(you need 2 ant+ sticks for this to work right plus the CT Bridge program running and connected to your Computrainer) So you need to do exactly what the CT Bridge program says and if the issue is your Computrainer to USB connection it is well established that only one version works and others will not. So you need to get the right one. So when you start the CT Bridge taht is the real only way to link a Computrainer to Xert or most of the current training platforms. For a very reasonable fee you have something that makes your Computrainer work.

Armando - Thanks, but I’d recommend taking down the original YouTube video because that’s a top result in a Google Search, and its (now) misleading.

I’m amazed that you had gotten this to work in the past, but not surprised to hear that it didnt work across many brands/devices. Too big a generational gap in technologies LOL.

As of trying this last night the Android app will not since on my Samsung A5 and find Ant+ devices, it found a bluetooth device just fine. The CT Bridge seems to be working so the problem appears to be with the Android side no longer supporting Ant+ I am not certain if there is a work around to get the Android to work in Ant mode, but Armando suggested NPE Cable device which should help. In that case it should work with either Android or Apple. I have not tried this solution and am still wondering what can be done on the Android side since the hardware did not change.

I have been told by the programmer for the Computrainer CT Bridge Ant+ FEC program that using the Cable device does not work well due to instruction lag so that the changes do not happen smoothly. Which makes sense since you are going through translations and that takes time. Right now I am having trouble getting my Computrainer and CT Bridge program to work well with the Android app using a Samsung A5. It worked perfectly last spring but now with all of the changes it is not functioning fully. I get power and cadence readings in the activity side of the app but on the workout side I can not see power but I see and get the trainer load setting and cadence. Not sure what has changed but it is frustrating at this point in time.