"And password in settings" message on edge 520+, no update of FTP, peak power, etc

The peak power, FTP, etc are no longer being updated on my new (for me) edge 520+. It worked for a few days then failed. Randomly an unintelligible message appears that says “and password in settings”. There might be some text before that is being cut off. WTF?

On the same device the xert workout player works perfectly. There is nothing special to be seen in the phone garmin connect app.

EDIT: I am no that sure anymore that I ever saw the FTP being updated on this device.

Fix: redo that, part " Signing into the Xert Data Fields":

i am dead sure i did, the settings seem to have self-destructed.

The error message is complete garbage. settings of what? of the garmin? of the app? of something buried four levels deep in the app?

Common with Garmin firmware updates - CIQ settings tend to get messed every update, unfortunately.

If you’ve re-entered Xert User/Pass for each data field under their CIQ settings, you can try switching profiles and then switching back to the profile you’re trying to use. This forces the CIQ data field settings to refresh. HTH