Anchor Activities

Hi Xert Community,

Can someone explain to the beginner that I am how to create an anchor activity in the planner ? This article (very interesting by the way) introduce the functionality but it doesn’t explain clearly how to proceed.

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‘Anchor’ activities are optional, but if you have an activity that you do periodically, like a club ride on Sundays, you can favourite that activity (click the star) in your Activities > Dashboard or Activities > Table, and then click-and-drag it into your calendar from the ‘Favourites’ list that appears to the left of our Planner. Here is another article on how to plan your workouts:

Thank your for you reply.
But reading this “[…] you may be thinking that you should be planning out all the way to your Target Event Date, this won’t be necessary as things will be more dynamic […]” and “[…] allow the system to map out your periodization towards these goals” I was thinking of an option somewhere to tell the system to fill automatically the planner with the same activity on a given day of the week until the target date.

Many athletes are not able to workout on the same day of the week or for the same amount of time. Sometimes they can train in the morning and sometimes at night. Sometimes they have weekend obligations and sometimes they don’t. Planning a week or two at a time is probably the best alternative but in most cases simply following the recommendation when you have time to train is going to be as effective, if not more.