Analysis: Visualize training zone focus over [timeframe]

Whether a rider wishes to do polarized training, pyramidal, sweet-spot or something more funky… it would be helpful to see an analysis of “time spent in zones” for a given time period - like last 7 days, last 30… whatever. This could inform choices as to what workout to perform, or help understand why XERT is recommending a particular workout.
For example, if I’m intending to follow polarized training, but can quickly see that I’m not getting the balance right… it could prompt me to choose a flatter ride outdoors on any given Saturday… Or chase that big hill to rack up some high stress.
I’m imagining a simple bar chart like you see in Strava, but for an accumulation of training sessions - though you may have better ideas for presentation.

Taking the idea further, it would be cool to see what the distribution of high stress workouts is… somehow revealing whether there’s enough recovery built into a given week. Like a target could be a score of eg 2/7 for the last 30 days (ie average 2 days in any 7 consecutive with significant power output).

Finally, I know XERT is heavily focused on Power, but it would be cool to be able to do the same for heart-rate, for comparison.