Amazon Fire 7 Tablet with Xert EBC

Hi. I currently use a Fire 7 4th gen tablet with the Xert (not EBC) app but it is very slow so I am thinking about getting the latest version.

Could anyone tell me if Xert EBC would be available for this generation of Fire tablet as it will not install on the current one I have. There is no point in me getting it if it does not run Xert EBC.

Many thanks

No experience with Fire tablets but am curious why you want to continue running Xert in that fashion if you plan to move up to EBC.
The original Android app (called Xert Mobile) has been discontinued and lacks many of the core features available in EBC. I assume you want to take advantage of those features moving forward.
EBC, however, is designed to run as a phone app paired with the Session Player on a PC/laptop/tablet. Do you not plan to use it that way?
Or is your goal to have a dedicated touch device to run EBC on instead of using a phone?
Do you also watch something on a big screen?

Also located this conversation on Xert Users FB group –

So my current setup is a Fire tablet running Xert mobile which I use to run and record workouts. I then have Zwift running but without trainer control.

I run Zwift on Apple TV so don’t/can’t run sessions. I have tried the Xert EBC app on an Android phone and that runs great but I do prefer the larger screen of the tablet.

I have installed the google play store on the Fire tablet and the original Xert app is available but not Xert EBC and was wondering if this was an Android version limitation (5.1.1) or that it will not work on any Fire device.

Thanks for your help.

I don’t have any experience with Fire tablets & EBC, so take this with a grain of salt. If I had to guess, it’s likely the main Android OS limiting the availability of EBC.

The Amazon Fire tablet uses an Amazon (cut down) version of android and restricts google play. You can however sideload the full google play and gain unrestricted apps.

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I’m aware of the side-loading, but I think the actual Android OS is rather limited and may not be capable of running the EBC app.

Yes thats what i said. Its a cut down android version. I wasnt meaning that all apps will run.

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@ManofSteele could you let me know what the minimum version of Android is that Xert EBC supports and I can check if that matches the version on the latest Fire tablet?

(I have tried on the play store page and cannot see where that is listed).

Unless you are relying on the Fire tablet for things such as Kindle, you could purchase an Android tablet for same price or less than a new Fire 7. Then you’ll have no issue installing EBC. :slight_smile:

IIRC, the minimum requirement to install is Android 6 Marshmallow, but EBC might not actually work.

Android 9.0 or newer would provide a better experience.

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I just tried EBC on my Fire and it looks fine. It’s a Fire HD 8 (8. generation) from 2018, so not exactly new.
I might try using it for myself. It is bigger than the smartphone if not so much as they once were, since phones have grown so much :wink:

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That’s great to know thanks. I got myself one of these stick on Garmin mounts so it is right in front of me and is the ideal size when can barely see for the pain.

Thanks everyone for your input.