Altitude dependent stats

Hi - I recently did a race at sea level (my altitude of residence and the is 1650m…) - as a result my TP has shot up by abt 30 watts… obviously this is not achievable at altitude… which got me thinking: A good feature would be an altitude adjusted TP?




Hi David!

This is definitely something for us to consider. IIRC, there’s approximately a ~10% reduction in aerobic power every 6k ft (~1800m). I believe Joel Friel has written on the topic previously - a google search might turn up something.

For your situation, you could flag the breakthrough race/activity. This will prevent the breakthrough signature from being applied to subsequent activities. Alternatively, you could leave the BT as-is and then use the ‘Advanced MPA’ tab on the next activity back at altitude to manually reset your Threshold Power. Hope that makes sense.