Alternative to starting smart workout player on Garmin via Bluetooth

Hey there, is there a way to start my schedule smart workout in the Workout Player IQ app that isn’t over a Bluetooth?

My problem is and I am sure that I am not the only one who has this problem is before leaving the driveway for my ride, I try to start the Workout Player IQ app on my Garmin and start my scheduled workout for the day, but I need to connect (sync) my iPhone 7 to the Garmin via Bluetooth, but it often takes forever leaving me frustrated enough to be tempted to either chuck my phone, the Garmin or both (but I am smart enough not to do either).

As such, does someone know if I can connect my Edge to a laptop with a charge/sync cable and upload it to the Edge manually? If it makes any difference, I have the Edge 820.


Start the player with a good BT connection to your phone sometime beforehand. The app stores your last downloaded workout and will use it when there is no connection. You can then just run the player whenever you want to do the workout.

Cool, thank you. I’ll try that.