Allow single watt increases in erg mode

Right now erg mode increases power in 5W steps. For those of us with lower power figures, it would be great to increase in 1 or even 0.5W increments.

Hi @yankobiah , thanks for the feedback.

It’s not likely something for us to implement at this time for a few reasons, mainly:

  1. Single watt differences are within the error margin of most power meters (e.g. you can’t accurately measure to the nearest watt, let alone nearest 0.5 W, so that level of precision is overkill for most cases) and
  2. Increasing ERG power target by 1 W at a time would quintuple the number of interactions with the app when changing the target power over a wider range (e.g. 100 W to 150 W would now take 50 clicks on the EBC display instead of 10).
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Thanks for the prompt and thorough reply. I understand your points, but IIRC it’s possible to adjust workouts by percentage points which seems to amount to the same thing. A combo box with a slider and/or text box to enter wattages in could alleviate the multiple interaction issue as well.

If you are having issues completing a workout you can adjust % or switch to Slope mode and use gears/cadence for granular control.
ERG mode in Xert ignores workout targets.
How are you using the workout player in a manner that would require setting exact watts?
No trainer is that accurate and neither are your legs. :slight_smile:

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Right now I am just building base by doing straight Z2 rides. I ride to a target for 60-90 minutes. That target is kind of divorced from TP/LTP/XEP etc so it’s easier to just set a manual target. I made a workout I use % to fine tune. And the whole platform is built around intervals hitting exact watts… not sure why my workouts are any different. In any case I found a workaround.

I agree that 5w steps are too big.

The Kickr app works really well for this.

No one is hitting exact watts second to second, but you get close enough for intended targets.
Turn off power smoothing if you have a Wahoo trainer. That’s fake news.

Riding fixed watts for 90 minutes wouldn’t interest me, but a free form workout by focus duration point might be a useful feature. I’d want it to fluctuate a bit though.
Of course, you can already do this by selecting one of the “free ride” endurance workouts in the library and ride it in Slope mode.

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@Old_Major I have a SNAP but it’s easier to use the Xert app (no need to sync the workout back to Xert)

@ridgerider2 all sub threshold indoor riding is boring to me be it sweet spot or just riding to a fixed watt target. But I don’t like riding in the cold and the roads are too hilly for pure sub threshold stuff. Plus I’m in a base building phase now anyway so there’s no need for anything complicated.

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