Allocate activity to profile

Hello all

I have the three profiles in use (cycling, running and rowing) but my workouts seem to mostly be appearing on the cycling profile, even if it is clearly an activity type of “rowing” or “running”.

Do I have to do something manually to move them?

All my activites are pulled from Garmin Connect. I record cycles on a Karoo as well and on the Concept2 but delete them if the Garmin has recorded correctly.

I’ll have another trawl of the help pages but if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.



On the strava page you can filter what activity types are automatically uploaded to that profile, do you have multiples selected on your cycling profile maybe?

I tried the multi profile thing but went back to a single so my selected activity types looks like this

Xert - Connect with Strava

Thanks @mikew . I don’t use Strava but I didn’t realise I had to select the workouts to sync under each profile. Running was OK but cycling was everything else and rowing was nothing.

I think that was what I needed to know so will see when I next sync any workouts. I’ll see how I get on with the seperate profiles. My Concept2 outputs power metrics as does my Stryd for running so I hope it incorporates everything into my fitness profile. This was why I started with Xert as like to do lots of things adequetly rather than anything well.