All you Wahooligans out there

I just listened to the CyclingTips podcast (one of their ‘From The Top’ series) about ‘How Wahoo Fitness Was Built’ and it was quite fascinating. Chip Hawkins is one smart dude and I walked away with a ton of respect for him … however, in the podcast he slams RacerMate for not opening up the CompuTrainer API for 3rd party integration, and even suggested that refusal to do so was the beginning of it’s demise. As a former CompuTrainer owner I totally agree with his observation. What jumped to my mind was, why then is he refusing access to this API to 3rd parties such as Xert? I actually went out and bought a Garmin to replace my Bolt for the sole purpose to use Xert - and that really bugs me.

I am going to write a letter!



It beats me - I got an Elemnt and a Bolt after that, only to return to Garmin when the 530 became available.

Wahoo acquired the Sufferfest, so maybe they’re putting all their money on that. I was hopeful at the time, when they included Xert as a service you could connect with to upload your activities to. But that’s like 2 years ago…

Anyway, I think it’s kinda silly for all of these companies to (often) mutually exclude themselves. And Garmin is a pain in the butt every time they ‘change’ something and this forum is full of examples of that, where users are fighting to get things (back) to work.