All interval training after the update

I’m on a target event goal based program where I just started the base phase. So it should be endurance based activities I believe. Has that changed? Every recommended activity is Puncheur focused (That’s my training focus in my goals). I’ve done two in a row of those and it’s still saying I should do another tomorrow. If I scroll through the suggested workouts, they’re all 3-4 star difficulty but on my training status it says I should consider a 1.5 Star difficulty after today’s workout. Something not quite working the way it used to after the update. IDK if I need to reset or change something.

Doesn’t sound right but maybe a couple of things to check:

  1. Do you have some filters set in the workouts area? Eg for a focus or difficulty
  2. Freshness feedback?
  3. Are you actually in base, or pre-base?

I also have the impression that the new training status approach results in more intensity, but I’m on a continuous Rouleur setting, so it doesn’t explain why you are recommended intensity during base phase.

I did notice they have introduced a specificity setting into the target event process - that seems new? Not sure if it affects base, or just specificity of the intensity?

I’m seeing the same thing. I’m in “Base” on “Sprint Time Triallist” and even though the “Recommended xss” has 0 high and peak intensity - 98 (98 | 0 | 0)

I’m getting recommended interval workouts with both High and Peak strain.

If I choose a lower duration workout due to my time availability that day it’s even greater amounts of High and Peak strain.

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  1. No it shows the same thing the Xert EBC app or the website with no filters set.
  2. default 0 at the center
  3. Same i started pre-base last week and it should be base this week, except on the website it seems the little graph on the training is stuck on pre-base no matter what. I scroll left/right with the arrows or drag the bar to a date and it always shows pre-base. on the Xert App, the graph still works like before where if I manually change the scroll position it will show the trarget training for the corresponding date. On the website however I can’t get it to say anything but pre-base. Tried a couple different browsers. Pre-base does still say Endurance focus though… which is not what the suggested activities show (mostly all puncheur).

The ATP slider issue has been reported and that may be an indicator why phased progression isn’t working currently.
Have you filed a support request already?

We’re aware of this and working on it. I believe it applies to multi-activity days, i.e. when you have “Remaining XSS” showing. Can you confirm?

My situation is I was coming off of maintenance rate back to a moderate growth rate. So last week I had some xss surplus then this week I started each day with a bit of deficit.

Looks like you’re “Pre base” so too early to start Base training. You’ll be offered a mix until you’re 120 days from the Target Date. :smile:

The other issue with Remaining XSS has been fixed so all good now. Will come out in the next update.

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I have the same situation. My training status is always “fresh”, even after a three-star workout. Thus, interval training is always proposed. This has been very different so far. After such a training, my status was 1 to 2 days Tired, before the update.

There can be noticeable differences depending each individual’s current training and recovery loads. If your Training Status was closer to 1 star, you’ll see less red and yellow. If your Training Status is closer to 5 stars, you’ll see more red and yellow. Note that you can adjust to get more recovery by sliding “Recovery Demands” a bit to the right under Goals and Settings. Try 3/4 to the right and see how that works for you.


This is likely because we don’t have a workout that meets your specific training xss needed with the duration you’ve chosen. The closest one may have high and peak. If you click the AI generator, what do you see?

Not sure that’s right. The web said that due to the slider bug mentioned but the xert app on iOS shows base for this week.

But I think is arbitrary. I calculated the exact days till the event and it’s 121. So it’s pre base in exact days but it’s base this week… like tomorrow I guess.

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Just to follow up, yes, I waited one day and it turned everything to endurance for the recommendations. So that was the confusion. The base didn’t actually start until the literal 120 day mark before the event even though the current week is marked as base.

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