All activities imported as Cycling (??)

I’m new to Xert and have imported all my activities from Strava, but all have been imported as Cycling activities. As I run with a power meter, this is really skewing my FTP calculation. I’ve tried to change the activity type and can’t get that to work. I have also deleted the workout and then reimported the file in again from TrainingPeaks, and whilst the work type now does seem to change in the summary, in the ‘dashboard’ there is still a bike symbol - so I think it is still classing it as cycling and is still using it in my FTP calculation. Any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks

Hi Emma. The software handles runs differently than rides but you’ll need to separate these into two accounts at this time. We don’t recommend mixing running power data with cycling power data. Contact our support email for more info on how to set this up.

Thats interesting! i could get a separate account for running! Ill do that too!