AI workout parameters

Would be great if we could stipulate min/max workout durations for the AI workout generator so that the system can adjust intensity and/or intervals accordingly based on the time range. Cheers!

Hi @chiratas - yes, this is certainly on our radar already! :smiley: As well as the ability to generate a workout based on the user’s desired Focus/Specificity & desired XSS. On second thought now, that could be incredibly helpful for demonstrating some of Xert’s intricacies…

When this is implemented, we need to make the athlete aware of how adjusting the duration of their training may impact the overall focus/specificity, and/or difficulty of their workout, if they wish to alter the duration.

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I would like to have it generate the workouts I need for the whole week based upon the time I can train daily. Currently it seem to assume that I have no time restrictions.

Something like how I currently work with my coach in Trainingpeaks would be ideal… once a week, I fill out how many hours on what days I can ride. He populates workouts accordingly in the calendar.

Similar functionality with Xert AI would be great, ideally something that could adjust future workouts dynamically to account for insufficient/excess training at any given time.

I typically see that the training scheduled by AI Forecast for each day is maxing out the availability constraint, assuming 60 XSS/hr.

In those cases it would be nice to see a XSS target as a range for the day, where the upper limit is determined by how much XSS you can do before your next workout will have to change to recovery or from high to low intensity.

Or Xert could just run a forecast without an availability constraint for today to set the maximum of the range.

So if you have set two hours available and are assigned 120 XSS, you can easily see that it is okay to do 150 XSS as well when generating the workout or just riding outdoors.

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Isn’t that exactly how it works today? You setup an AI training plan with a goal of some sort, then you set your availability for any day you wish to constrain (no training, max 2h in the afternoon, whatever) and press the adapt button whenever you changed something or did a workout that was more/less/different than the one prescribed.


To a certain extent… think it could be more dynamic though without having to manually hit the reset button and trigger a complete recalculation of the next 35+ days of workouts. At least for myself, my training availability is accurately known only 5-7 days ahead of time.

I just set some reasonable default constraints for each weekday to prevent Xert from scheduling long rides in the middle of the week. That is part of the setup of the plan.

Then just update my availability when I have the information and press Adapt Forecast to update the plan. I also adapt the plan once I have completed a workout in case I did not do exactly as planned.

The fact that Xert actually creates a plan/projection from today to the end of the plan is a strength. You can see where you are going. Unfortunately, it takes some time to update the plan. It would probably be better if Xert could speed up the calculation and automatically update the plan.

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I think the calculation is done in the browser, so trying different browsers or different computers to adapt could make a difference in how quick it is. If the plan is a long one it naturally takes more time if the changes ripple out. I think I read it tries to resolve the next week and only if that fails it adapts the farther future but it’s still beta so that might not be true today.

@chiratas And I think your coach might take a minute or two as well to assign your next week training and that’s a person who could do something else with the time, your computer probably sits around not doing much anyways :wink:
…maybe try getting a cup of coffee/tee/something while it calculates instead of staring at it.

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