AI Workout Generation Feedback

if I understand correctly then, it takes the current training deficit and uses the 3 stress points as the target, then tries to generate a workout that will hit the targeted XSS distribution. What would be interesting as in a case above of illness or other issues that knowing it should not reach the optimal XSS maybe set a revised limit of total XSS for instance 80% and then at a reduced time scale the workout will not get “harder”. Ie 80% if total XSS and 80% reduction in time would still be about the same difficulty? if so that option to constrain both time and XSS might achieve the case for illness, injury or just outside stress. Maybe a silly thought but if it provided a set of how you feel options it could generate based upon that ie I feel good, ill, tired, stressed, etc? then could revise the AI generated based upon subjective feel?

Single use is the way to go IMO.
If someone wants to save one to their Personal folder, they can do so using WO Designer.
You could alternately add a special function whenever someone likes :+1: an AI Generated workout.
“Would you like to save a copy of this workout to your Personal folder?” If Yes, append a sequential number or date stamp to the title and save it. Title really doesn’t matter since specs are listed and it will be recommended whenever suitable.

If you’re sick, you should just do what you feel like doing. I don’t think a system should be prescribing something that somehow accounts for the sickness to maximize XSS or close a deficit. You can slide the Freshness Feedback slider over to the left. Ultimately though, you’ll likely just end up sliding it over until it gives you a workout you feel like you can do. You might as well just do that to start with.

We’re creating a front-end to allow users to create their own. I think these workouts are mostly single use but the tool will be an interesting exercise in helping you understand how all of this comes together, not just low, high, peak targets but also recovery times and impact to your signature. It’ll be interesting to play with and will help athletes get a better appreciation of what Xert does.


OK scratch sick, just a word not a big thing… it could be have sore muscles (DOMs) from another workout, or as the old adage goes sick above the neck train, below the neck rest… but what I was getting at is instead of gaming the system with the slider which is something an insider or super user would know, make it easier and let the system do the gaming… anyhow just a suggestion for the feedback to the AI workout. Armando, as a programmer it is important to realize not everyone is operating at your level. That is why as a beta tester it is important to do the stuff a new user will do to cause the system to break, or ask for things a new user would want, rather than a super user.

Would be great to see what the auto generator will have planned for training the next day once my training for the current day is complete.

For instance, I planned to use it this morning but had no idea what duration it would spit out. I can plan my mornings/days training better knowing this information in advance.

That said, I thought the workout it suggested was on the money :blush:

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Agreed and it’s something we want to add. :heart:

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I’ve been using the Autogen with success. However, that last few times I have tried it I am getting workouts that don’t match the training advisor. The most obvious discrepancy is the XSS. The Autogen workout has a significantly lower XSS (roughly half) than is recommended by the advisor. The suggested canned workouts are on target. I’m not sure what changed, but I don’t think I have any parameters to adjust. Correct me please if I am incorrect.

I have already completed my training today so I cannot generate an example. I can tomorrow if that is helpful.

A screenshot will probably help.

I worked fine today… go figure. I’ll post again if it goes back to being wonky.

Is it possible that you had a planned workout or activity for that day?

If you notice anything is strange with the autogenerated workouts, definitely grab a screenshot and send a note to the support team so we can investigate. Cheers!

If you have a AI generator front end, and it’s asked to do the impossible (e.g., a 2 diamond ride with 140XSS and less than 1hr) I’d vote for simply saying “Sorry, that’s not possible”. I think it’s better to make someone figure out what they really can do vs. misleading them with the closest workout possible.

We’re likely going to prevent the request of setting both difficulty rating and duration. It will be one or the other.

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I had no planned workout or activity that day, or any day. It happened 3-4 times on different days. I rarely plan future workouts on the planner. I plan workouts day by day before I do my workout.

Try and refresh the page beforehand in case there is some stale info in the browser. If you see an odd result, capture a screenshot. Refresh the page again and if you see it’s working properly, let us know and send us the screenshots. Thanks.

Also not all combinations are possible with autogen, especially shorter high intensity workouts.


I cleared the browser (cookies, cache, history, etc.), logged back in and re-ran Autogen and received the same result. I have not trained today. There isn’t a workout assigned today.

Same here.
Autogen endurance workout should be 90 XSS today but getting 70 instead.

Try again?

Fixed. :+1:

Worked perfectly. Thank you.