Ahead of Plan

What happens when the AI plan adapts when you are ahead of the plan ? Ie I’ve set my goal to Improve my 20min Power in 3 months by 10W, Because I can put a few more hours in at the moment I appear to be ahead of the plan. Does it adapt by scaling the future workouts down or does it more or less carry on as before which may give a larger increase than I original envisaged.

If you get ahead of plan your plan chart (shown on Training page) will indicate TL leveling out before your Target Date. Normally there would be a gradual rise between start and end date based on the TL increase during the plan,
With a Goal set you will likely reach your target watts before the target date.
If that occurs select Program and increase target watts and re-forecast with the new goal.
This assumes you can continue to increase TL for the term.