Agressive rate inquiry

Hi, I just started training again after a long hiatus from cycling (3 years). Subscribe to xert because I like the analytics it provides. However how do I increase the progression rate to something like 15-20hrs weekly? It seems that the aggressive rate is maxxed at 9.5hrs if I’m not mistaken.

Hi Aizat,

The improvement rate/estimated weekly training time is dependent upon your ride history. Over time, Xert will learn how much weekly riding you do, and what the relationship between your riding time and training load is. If you’re returning to cycling after a long time away, it may be best to start at a lower weekly training volume to ensure that you don’t encounter issues with over-training.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Regarding the goals, can the training program be more than the set 120 days?

Not currently.

…but you can certainly set your Target Event Date beyond 120 days. You won’t get periodized training until 120 days beforehand but can certainly enjoy workouts and staying fit leading into it. Note however though that being on a structured training program for more than 120 days is very difficult mentally. It’s best to leave things a bit unstructured beforehand and just ride for enjoyment / general fitness.

Awesome, that’s a sound advice. I’m loving the analytical part of Xert so far! Real-time performance measurement is the best thing ever!