How does Xert take account of age?

It does so indirectly, as age can have an impact on your fitness signature parameters. Age can have an impact to how you respond to “Very tired” and “Tired” status. This isn’t currently accounted for but is something we are looking into.

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Its interesting because, you can find quite a bit of information on how things change 30+. But…I am 50+ (Yea I know!) And how much extra rest is needed is a bit of a mystery!

@Armando, glad to read that you are looking into “Age”. By the way @Martin Harris, I am 70+ and the “Very tired” - “Fresh” often does not fit me either. Going by how I feel seems to work better for me.

I’m interested to find out if age was factored into the Xert Training Advisor, or if this is something still being considered? I’m 65 and increasingly find that too little recovery or workouts are too long without sufficient intensity are programmed.
I know I can change the ‘freshness’ slider to the left (tired), but this seems to result in Xert prescribing longer, more endurance based workouts.
Whilst I can’t pretend that I understand the physiological details, I believe that as we age our bodies require longer to recover from activities. Also my understanding is that older riders tend to loose the ‘top end’ (fast twitch?) faster than ‘endurance’ capability, and it’s important to keep on with shorter/harder efforts to reduce the rate of decline.
Bottom line, I’m not after a detailed explanation of the Xert system, however I would like to know that age is/will be factored into the model so that I don’t have to constantly manually adjust system settings because I’m not a young buck anymore!