Advanced Stats - can it use the current fitness signature

Hey I had a good run this week. I set a nice time of 11:46 on Buchenegg Ost on Sunday with a small breakthrough, even with a head cold. Today I got a significant breakthrough including +7W to TP.

When I go back to the Sunday’s activity to look at Buchenegg Ost, it’s saying my effort of 11:46 was great and a breakthrough effort would be 11:47. It seems it’s using my fitness signature from that activity, but I would like to know what time I could get now with my better fitness signature.

This isn’t useful … Isn’t more useful to see my possible breakthrough effort with my current signature? Only way I found to do this was to manually enter my signature and “save” for the old activity, but it messes up my breakthrough history. Is there another way?


Eventually I got the info I wanted - my new time target of 11:17 and new power target too.