Advanced MPA adjustment

Sorry if this is a stupid question but i’m just trying to understand the basic concept around xert. My signature feels wrong from previous ftp tests and knowing what i can actually do versus what i have been doing recently on the bike if that make sense.
As an example I have a ride with a section that has a short steep hill that puts me well above TP on the section My MPA and Power cross for a period of time. Original
In this situation would you adjust HIE as the effort is well above TP? I assume so. If i adjusted just TP for this ride it would go up to something like 273 which doesn’t feel right based on previous numbers i’ve achieved.

If the effort was closer to TP (100-110% say) and MPA crossed over logic says i should adjust TP.

I actually think my TP and HIE lie somewhere in the middle for this ride.

Is 676W a true reflection of your PP? What is your training status (or training load on the XPMC) as of today??

Highly doubtful it’s not something i have every specifically chased hence i don’t believe that low number. Since October i’ve been using Trainer road so i believe my TP is now about right but PP may be well skewed. I fall into the ‘trained’ category but expect to get back into the ‘competitive’ as the season progresses. Capture

I’m out later doing some hill reps so i will see how far i can push my PP

Getting an accurate reflection of PP is pretty important – good idea to go out and test it. Keep in mind you need to hold it for a few seconds to get it to count. So make sure you do it somewhere with lots of runway.

I thought I should pop back and update on where i got to on this i went out and did some sprint efforts and raised my PP to 850 and had a little bit left but ran in to some traffic so backed out. Things look a little better because of this and the numbers reflect more what in was expecting from other data sources.
I’m about to start a new block on the trainer using xert so it will be interesting to see what progress i make

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