Adjusting Time in Training Availability in XFAI not working

It looks like the Time selected for the workout under Training Availability dialog is not accounted for when deciding if I need a Recovery day or if I can train.

My time for training is set to 2:02 pm for the day below, and I am assigned a Recovery day.

At 2:02 pm have a red status, however at 2:42 pm the status will be blue. In this case it would make sense to just do the workout a bit later in the day. If I change this to 11:00 pm, I still get the red status in the Adapt Forecast dialog, but with a different time of the workout:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to schedule the workout based on how fresh you are expected to be at the time of the workout? If it is not used, why is the time a setting under training availability?