Adjusting intensity up until BT ride

I recently had a 3 week period of lowered volume due to travel and such. Upon return my TP is almost 15% lower due to optimal decay. I generally feel good, is there anything wrong with me doing activities at 115% until I have a chance to do a proper breakthrough ride? I did a few and felt fine.

Training-wise no problem

Tracking eg TL will be a bit out, including high vs low strain so in general it’s better to have an accurate signature. Likely immaterial for a couple of rides, but wouldn’t leave it too long for a BT. (Or set to no decay retrospectively from the time of your break or last BT)


How do you do that?

Described here

In practice, steps 1, 5, 6 are likely all that are required (in the right order too) so even easier than it looks

Thank you, I tried that but it didn’t actually recalculate anything until I hit recalculate signature on the settings page. Maybe because I did it on mobile?

Should work, though now you mention it, from memory you need to save / lock from within the advanced MPA tab, and it may not work from the activities table (in case that’s what you did)… in which case instructions could be updated to be clearer on that point

That is what I did. End result is the same but was unclear from the instructions

If feeling good, why not validate your signature with a BT workout on trainer or similar effort outdoors?

Basically, on my first day back I did an outdoor long ride but didn’t push it and achieved a near breakthrough. Rest of the week I was yellow and indoors and so I didn’t want to do a true BT workout.