Adjust FTP for indoor training

Hi XERT team,

Is it possible to adjust wattage (FTP) for indoor training for the complete workout and not only for specific interval? As my outdoor FTP is higher than my indoor one I have to adjust it when training indoor.

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Hi Rene,

Which workout player are you using?

Hi Scott,
I am using the android XERT mobile player.

Okay, the Android app doesn’t currently scale the entire workout. Its on our list for the next update. Amy chance you have access to a Garmin Edge device or an iOS device?

Yes, I am using the Garmin Edge 520 Xert workout player for outdoor training.

You can scale the workout up or down with the up/down keys once the workout has started. You can also use manual MPA on activity details to drop HIE/TP down 10% or whatever the difference between outdoor and indoor is after the fact. We’re working on a feature for our iOS app that will help with this as well. Stay tuned!

But, Xert will consider the workout you do in XSS like if the FTP valor will be the outdoor value? Will Xert asume that the workout is correctly done if you lower manually the FTP in the garmin device?

@Jose You would get lower XSS by decreasing the intensity of the workout. If you wish, you can decrease the activity signature down using Advanced MPA once the ride is uploaded to maintain the XSS of the original workout. Hope that makes sense.