Adjust for indoor trainer FTP

Hi, I’m new to Xert. Is there a way to adjust activity analysis for indoor versus outdoor rides? My FTP on the trainer is 25-30W lower on my fluid trainer than outdoors. I’ve been doing a lot of indoor sweet spot work this winter and I’m not sure it’s analyzing my progress appropriately. Secondly, I want to be able to prescribe the correct power targets for indoor or outdoor workouts. Thanks!

If you are using the same power meter, then your FTP isn’t different but your tolerance for the discomfort of training indoors is different that outdoors. Work on your heat tolerance and improving your sweat response to help close the gap.

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Ignore the heat tolerance part and sweat response part. You need to have a cool room with at least one powerful fan blowing on your torso. Cooling is everything for indoor training and easily makes up for that difference you see indoor vs outdoor. Most people can close the gap but even it out completely. Sweat is not something to strive for and does not mean a better performance. It only means that your body wasted resources cooling your body instead of pushing more watts. Cool yourself, the room and let the wattage be the benchmark not the sweat.

Absolutely true that creating a better environment for cooling is also essential.

Estoy en el mismo caso intento planificar entrenamiento pero cuando elijo uno me sale con la ftp de la calle y no puedo terminarlo tengo buen ventilador y esta ventilada la habitacion y sin ropa y intento hacer entrenamientos y los mas suave los cumplo pero los demas no.

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