Additional metrics to track? beyond just in workout stuff

I was just watching some info from a relatively new training platform called Spok’d. The interesting thing in the “AI” platform is it takes into account things that are extra workout such as perceived exertion, also sleep metrics (self entered), etc that have an impact on training. I know myself there are times I come home from work and I can not do a hard workout, I am already partially drained and there is not the energy to do hard intervals. With all of the great stuff already in Xert, and Armando has mentioned wanting to add HRV, but some of the simple personal metrics and things like how many hours a week can you really train? would enhance the advice it gives because sometimes there is just not enough time to do large volumes so if that is already set in some sort of way then the advice might be lower volume higher intensity, but if your personal metrics are low it will accept that that is not possible and give you a moderate ride suggestion which will not demoralize you… just some thoughts. I see so many platforms where the smart workouts of Xert could be leveraged with the feedback of a coaching system like Spok’d or Fast Talk Labs new idea for coaching.

Xert predicts your freshness based on what you have done in the past based on day of week against your usual time for workouts.
If you have a hard workout scheduled when Xert thinks you should be Fresh, but you are actually tired, click on Goals, drag slider to appropriate color range (ex, orange = Tired), select Update and the recommended workout list will change accordingly.
Change the freshness slider back when you’re feeling “normal”. :slight_smile: You may find you need to adjust the slider to the left (tired) or right (fresh) on a continuing basis to match your current recovery rate which will likely vary between phases.
You can also simply select an easier workout from the list of twenty recommendations or use Filter to find something else based on duration, focus, or difficulty.

If you want to add other XSS activities to your calendar, select Planner, double-click on the day, select ‘Show/Enter Activity Data’ and enter whatever you’d like. There is a long list of Activity Type options from basketball to windsurfing and much more. :wink:

You can change your IR (hours/week) at any time up/down although the more hours you can invest the higher the training load/intensity and the better the results. When you change IR you’ll see an immediate change to the pacer needle gauge which is based on your training load over the last week. You can dial it down for a week and dial it back up the next. Recommended workouts will change accordingly.

The main point is Xert is very flexible and you can change your parameters at any time to adjust XATA recommendations to match your actual versus planned workouts plus how you feel from day to day and week to week. XATA adapts. :smiley:

I guess what I am saying, is that most Xert users are not familiar with all of the knobs and dials so to speak and I am not certain if that is a reasonable expectation from a platform provider. What I am suggesting is a more human interface approach. Nearly everyone can say how they feel, it might be a set of questions before you choose a workout and or after you complete one that assesses how you felt, RPE etc. This then does all of that tweaking you describe above without needing to get under the hood. As technology advances in sophistication the user interface becomes more client friendly. The biggest issue I have with Xert is the amount of learning one needs to do to make optimal use of it. Some people are not willing to invest that into the platform so they loose users due to the learning curve, or users make uninformed decisions because of lack of Xert knowledge.

Personally I do tweak my workout goals based upon how I feel and I modify workouts to meet my goals. The problem is that I would like Xert to be more intuitive and less tweaky. The biggest reason I stick to Xert is not XATA but Smart workout segments, that is something no one else has and I like that ability. I also like the constant updates to fitness without testing though breakthrough workout are in fact a form of testing. Again I have written my own workout that nearly guarantees a breakthrough if performed as intended. When it does not breakthrough I know I am not fully revocered or that I need more lower intensity and rest.