Additional Metric or Waste of Time : Fat/Carb Ratio

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone else has done something extra with their data.

I recently try to look at my Fat/Carb ratio for various intensities and “found” the following correlation:

1.5 Endurance Ride/Workout
1 Moderate Intensity Workout
0.5 High Intensity Workout
< 0.2 Race

Does this make sense or am I smoking something?

Hi Kegan,

I’m not sure that this would tell us anything super new & insightful. It’s expected that you’re going to burn predominantly fats when you’re working below LTP, since our bodies have essentially an unlimited supply of fats and the intensity is low enough that they can be used without much need for carbs. However, once you start working above LTP, fats cannot provide energy fast enough, and some carbs are needed. Once you get near &above threshold, your body becomes almost completely dependent upon carbs.

I suspect you would find that your ratios would also correlate well with Focus duration (lower focus duration = higher intensity and thus would indicate a higher ratio of carbs:fat being used).