Additional features rolled out

  • If you’re on a Training Plan, you can now auto-generate a workout using the 3-day forecast for today, tomorrow or day after.
  • We improved some of the event calculations and added a “Gravel Recreational” category
  • Improved messages at the completion of the forecast generation
  • Various bug fixes and UI enhancements
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I just tried to schedule and plan for a Recreational Gravel Event 0n 16/3/24 and it said no plan could be calculated which is a bit odd as it’s recreational and I could probably go out and do it tomorrow as it was only 79k with 1200ft climbing! Interestingly it showed a decrease in TP and an increase in HIE & Peak Power. Presumably a bug.

Thanks for that feedback @carytb . The targets for a recreational gravel ride might have a bit too short of a focus. Likely ok for a race but a bit much for a recreational. We’ll make some adjustments so that the increase in HIE and decrease in TP for you won’t be so dramatic. (Probably move it to GC Specialist or Rouleur). :pray:

Btw, you can more finely tune the event by clicking on the Goals icon on the right and you can create your forecasted training plan that way as well.

Thanks. It’s what Beta released are for. Is this forum the right place to mention any issues or would an email to support be better

Same here. Cannot get Rec Gravel to forecast in any combination.
Goal option is working fine for me though especially when I monitor Target Load and Signature below the sliders before deciding to forecast.

With events I think more delimiters are needed such as what if you are already trained at a level sufficient for the event. Or the event date is too far into the future that a forecast isn’t practical. Or current TL is so high you don’t have enough headroom to bump it up especially if you define a schedule that caps it.

If you can send to support with screenshots, we can track them better. … but we’re monitoring all the various forums these days. If you have something rotten to say, best to use email. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@xertedbrain how do I AutoGen a workout now that im with the AI Forecast thing? (this is my first week of the planned forecast (as we are all) so system is telling me to rest almost a week, but i want/need to ride these days too.

Autogen has disappeared every “rest” day

At the moment, you can only autogen for the next 3 days using the Training tab.

You can add any workout you’d like to a rest day by selecting + button on the Planner.

but not AutoGenerated. right?

Correct, since Autogen is keyed to recommended XSS and strain goal which doesn’t exist for Rest days.

But can’t generate workout for the rest day, is that coreect?

Correct. You can only add an activity to that day manually.