Adding columns to the Table View on Ipad

So, I see the icon that will give a pulldown menu with " all" the avalable fields. I just cant find information on the literature on how to add the desired column eith the selected field. I touch the desired field ( say, Max Power) on the pull down menu, but nothing happens! Can it be done with an Ipad?? Thanks

Tap the + sign if there are more columns than the width of your screen

I was looking for something like that, but it does not appear on my Ipad!

Post a screenshot.


Tap the + sign beside the checkbox on the left. You may need to remove some columns if you want to sort by those shown under the + sign. You should be able to tap-and-move columns using your finger on the column heading too.

Well, I am able to get , say " Power Max " to display on the activity that I just clicked on( +) , however it will not show as a column entry and if I tap and move a column ( where to ? ) it doesnt do anything!! is there a manual where I can look this up.? I can’ t find it. The only information I see is under " Help" and “Learn” but it is limited! Thanks

i was able to finally add ( actually it replaces the columms headers to the left) some colums. I didnt need to click on tge +'sign. Still playing with it, trying to understand.