Adding a fixed weekly Zwift TTT to AI forecast planner and getting it to adapt: how?

Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere. I’ve just created an AI Forecast plan for an event in April. It all looks great and ambitious, but how can i adapt the planner calendar to insert a fixed workout into it every Thursday?

I take part in a weekly Zwift TTT, which usually comes out as Mixed GC Specialist, lasts 45mins-1hour and some 90 odd XSS (including warm up).

The AI plan produces a calendar of workouts and that’s great, but it has rest days for many of the Thursdays and then a steady mixture of high and low intensity efforts on others.

I then used the Availability function in the Planner to say I’m available for a one-hour session in the evenings and set it to Fixed.

But that does’t seem to adapt the Planner calendar where there are still rest days on some Thursdays and pretty high XSS on others as my plan progresses.

Is there any way to get around this? Thanks

You can add your Swift TTT with the + (in the planner). After you did that, adapt forecast.

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I don’t think adding repeating events is possible as of now in the planner. But it sounds like a really good idea, also for those wo go on group rides every Sunday for example.

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Thanks for this Eric. I thought i had done that already so i have just tested it again. I added in the Zwift TTT i did yesterday (85 XSS) to the planner for Thursday January 18 where the forecast program had previously scheduled a low intensity ~2hr ride of 109 XSS.

I then clicked Adapt Forecast, it went through all the calculations and when we look at the Planner again for the same date, January 18 (and the prior days), nothing has changed.

See screenshots, before and after.

Aside from nothing changing to the eye, is the planner expecting i do both workouts…? It doesn’t seem to have recognised the manually added Zwift workout.

I must be doing something wrong.

One is tagged Forecast and the other Planned. When you complete one on that date the other will disappear especially since the start/completion times overlap.
However, the combined XSS affects the freshness form gradient moving forward. Plus pink means overload. :slight_smile:
What you can do is add your TTT as Planned, select the clock icon on the FAI entry, mark it Unavailable (that day only), then Adapt Forecast.
The result will be two entries with one labeled No Additional Training and the other your TTT activity with associated strain score.

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Thank you-- Yes, that works. Very grateful. :+1: