add xss

Hi I’m new. I’ve uploaded my activities from Strava for the past year. I can’t see any xss for these activities, but the program keeps asking for it. How can I add xss for my past activities?

See the FAQ on this. If you click the activity in the planner, you can enter the XSS, Focus and Specificity Rating for the activity.

FYI - changing this value and pressing enter doesn’t work on a Mac with Safari. I have to load it on a Windows machine. Perhaps you could add a Submit button next to ‘Open’.

Ah, I need to edit a ride where I only had partial power. I was racing a MTB Enduro. Is this possible?

Not at the moment. Overriding real power was something we decided not to allow in order to keep the integrity of existing power data calculations. You can always suppliement with additional manuall activities with XSS or remove the activity altogether and substitute with a manual XSS entry.

Thanks Armando, I’ll supplement as you suggest.