Add XSS to strava or garmin activity

Hi users and Xert,

i’m new to the platform and read a lot of forum threads. Including this one:

and this FAQ:

But my question remains: can i add XSS to a non powermeter (but hear rate recorded) ride?

The answers i read are all mention to add a manual ride. But i have a strava or garmin activity uploaded to the platform. To add another manual activity would make it double.

Off course a algorithm that searches a comparible power meter ride through heart rate information would be awesome and then suggest a XSS would be awesome. But maybe that is too much of an ask :wink:

Thanks for helping,


maybe my search wasn’t completed. I found this link:

i will try this first :wink:

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yes it worked.

@xert -> maybe add to the FAQ.

Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll update the FAQ!