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I’ve only been looking at Xert for a couple of days so I am still getting used to all the terminology and fiddling around. After putting my event date it’s put me in the middle of the base phase and has recommended me 4.8 hours weekly after I’ve put the improvement rate on Extreme-1. I did 2 long rides at the weekend (not Xert workouts) and it’s given me a training Surplus of 216XSS and 5 days till next workout.

I feel like that’s not accurate with the weekly hours I’ll usually do (12-15), should I just do the workouts it recommends daily to get up to my normal weekly hours/TSS and see if it adjusts or is it something I need to do manually?

How much (historical) data did you feed Xert to work it’s magic on? My guess would be that Xert currently underestimates your TL, which would explain a surplus like that, after a couple of workouts that may well be routine for you. You may want to add data, or fiddle with the initial settings, starting with TL - that normally is set to an estimate, but if you know it’s way too low, increase it…

I gave it about 10 days from training peaks and just did all of strava but to be fair I hadn’t been using Strava recently. Is there a way to manually push TL? Am looking around now.

Go to Account Settings -> Profile tab, under XPMC settings…

Also, does all your data contain power data?

Yep all contains power - there may have been a couple of Strava rides not using power (like commuting or on another bike) but mostly all power and structured training similar to Xert.
Will have a fiddle in the settings now.

Recommended history is about 3 months, but Xert will be able to work with less. But 10 days is really not enough. You basically start from scratch as fas as Xert knows…

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Jumped into Xert this year and so far have really like it.

I am trying to better understand the Adaptive Training Planner: As I toggle through the weeks I see continuous progression of the hours to a peak of 24.7 hours occurring in the Taper cycle - hmmm?

Historically I’ve used 3 weeks of progressive build and 1 week of rest following this model (or similar):

, with my peak hours occurring in the Intensity cycle of the plan (Intensity here = Build in Xert). Buy switching my Improvement Rate on the eve of the beginning of my rest week, I find that Xert is uncanny with prescribing weekly hours recommended as compared to what I had anticipated (note the image is from my personal training plan that I had built at the “official” beginning of my training year, and before I started w/ Xert). I do recognize that Xert doesn’t rely on hours in the same way that more traditional programs do.

But back to the question: I can’t believe that as toggle through the weeks that these recommended hours are accurate for what Xert has in store for me - I’m not that tough (and I don’t have the time). Granted the training program is Adaptive, but how do I use the Adaptive Training Planner to better understand my training beyond next week?

The genesis of this question is trying to better understand how to manipulate the Improvement Rate for each meso-cycle…but that is another question…


I believe you will find the answers you are looking for in this thread –
Xert training schema, rest weeks, etc - General - Xert Community Forum (

With Xert you don’t look that far ahead because “stuff” happens in between including schedule changes, recovery/rest based on response to TL, IR changes, freshness feedback, and more.
Those are all reasons why you don’t want to populate the Planner more than a week at a time, plus you won’t leave IR at a high setting for that long. This won’t necessarily make sense to you until you’ve moved through the phases and experience the results. :slight_smile:
Taper is the final week after Peak (see chart link below). It will mellow out then.

Currently in pre-base there is no progression and XATA recommends a variety of workouts within your selected focus (Athlete type). Base phase progression starts 120 days out from TED (two days in your case). At that point XATA is going to recommend a whole lot of endurance workouts/rides. :smiley:
However, even those recommendations will change based on how you interact with Xert and the choices you make along the way.
It does take a leap of faith to operate without a calendar if accustomed to monthly plans in the past, but Xert is a paradigm shift from that type of planning.

Improvement Rate – Xert (
Program Phases – Xert (