Adaptive Training Program - one peak per year


I’m training for an event due to take place in 10 months from now. Not too optimistic it will actually take place having this year’s event been canceled with Covid - 19 and all.

This means that I’m “stuck” in pre-base for months. I’ve read on this thread that I could play with the event date to keep circulating between the base and build or just stay on a long base. But isn’t there a way to define longer periods on the software and a repeating of phases to create a plan that is suited to one peak per year? seems that it is more in line with 3 peaks per year?

Also another question - I find that I can give 14 days of hard efforts (planned as 2 weeks with rest days and easy days included) and in the third week I can only hold on to LT and cant go up to the higher efforts or that it is just so much harder. Apart from playing with the slider on the “feel feedback” is there a way to include in the software planing a cycle of 3 weeks one of which is a “recovery” week?

Thanks bunches :slight_smile:

Bat Hen


In pre-base recommendations include a variety of workouts within your currently selected focus duration (Athlete type). If you want to mix things up more change focus type or use Filter to do that on-the-fly.
If you move the TED closer (starting at 120 days from now) you will initiate progression but as noted you can stretch out the phases if you want.

My first TED this year is April 4th after which I will float for awhile in post-event (similar to pre-base) then decide whether you want to set another TED in the fall and begin another round of progression. In this case though you already have a solid base built so you don’t need to start over in Base phase. You could go right to Build by setting TED 75 days out. I am starting at a higher level of fitness and building upon that. Well, at least trying to. :slight_smile:

Also consider how you want to use IR which isn’t just hours but moderates intensity.
The higher the ramp rate the harder the training load. You can use IR to ramp up and down to emulate that 3 weeks on, 1 week off approach, or leave the rate lower and slowly progress stretching phases by manipulating TED.
Think of it as steps where you control the how steep the steps are, how long you climb at that pitch. and when to take a breather before you start climbing again.

For more on the traditional 3 on/1 off approach vs Xert see this thread:
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