Adaptive Training and AI Forecast - should they be giving the same advice?

Hi , I am following AI Forecast for an event. I use the iPhone EBC to do my workouts ( All outside). Should the Adaptive Training and AI Forecast status’ match? I seem always be verging on the red in the Adaptive Training info graphic with increasingly large XSS being prescribed, while I am generally following the suggested workouts (XSS) in the Planner. ( it is not giving me high XSS workouts to catch up). It seems to me there are two different ‘plans’.

Also, the Adaptive Training suggests different workouts. So I select the workout I am going to do in the Web planner, go to the EBC app when outside. A different workout is suggested/selected. Then have to remember the ‘correct workout’ search for it and select it again.

Should they be in sync, and if so how do I get them to match?

Thanks for any insight.

How are you read both a forecast and ATA? It should be either one or the other.

I don’t know. Should I Delete and reinstall the iPhone app?

To avoid confusion. I have AI Forecast only on the web. I have Adaptive Training on ECB app. They don’t match on suggested workouts or , I would suggest current XSS deficit.

EBC hasn’t been updated to support XFAI and we’ve not yet looked into what is recommended on the list if you don’t have a workout selected. Suggest you either use XFAI or XATA and not both for now.

Ok, thank you.

Newbe here - @xertedbrain, when you say to use XFAI or XATA, are you saying that if I generated a plan using XFAI that I should just follow what I see on the planner tab for XSS targets?

Also, on the progression tab I see an option there to generate a workout…will that generate a workout honoring the xss target on the progression tab or does it honor the training advisor?

I’m trying to figure out which to follow and from where I should be letting the AI generate create workouts that line up with what XFAI has laid out on the planner.

The AI generator I’m referring to on the planner is that star like icon (Screenshot included)
Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 5.14.46 PM

You can use Autogen when you can’t find something you like on Recommended Training lists.
Autogen creates a simple workout to meet the XSS ratio goal for the day that can be ridden indoors or outdoors.

In your example (62 XSS Pure Endurance), there will be a number of viable options to choose from among Workouts (Workouts library), Outdoors (past rides), Virtual (past Zwift/Fulgaz/etc. rides), or Sessions (workouts coupled with a Bike the World video).
Any entry with Suitability of Good, Optimal Focus will meet your strain goal for the day.
The recommended list includes the top four entries. Load More will list more options.

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