Adaptive Training Advisor

Hello Arnando, I have a question about the difference between what the ATA offers as Focus Type and the workouts it proposes automatically.
My focus type for today says Endurance (Focus: 01:09:13 | Interval Targets: 280W) - but the workout suggested only proposes 2x20 min at 82% Threshold Power which would be 231W.
I often see this discrepancy between the two, It never suggest workouts that include at or above threshold segments, despite the Focus Type suggesting it is that I should follow. Today I even created the perfect workout for the Focus Type in Workout Designer but it ignored it. :frowning:
I guess I want to know if I should follow the proposed Focus Type (and if necessary design my own workout to fit it), or the suggested workouts (knowing that they are limited in number and scope).

Focus is just one factor that goes into scoring workouts. It also will account for Workout XSS, Total XSS Deficit, Difficulty Rating and Training Status.