Adaptive Training Advisor

Hello Armado, It’s been two months since I started using Xert. It’s a great product and I love the intel it gives me on my current form status and suggestion. Thank you so much!
How is it possible that I had a training deficit of 10XSS this morning and now (7 hours later) I’m -103 XXS? I don’t get the logic behind. Can you help me understand? I set my improvement rate at Moderate-1.

Thanks Christian. We explain a bit of this in our blog. TL isn’t accumulated smoothly. You have big jumps when you do workouts. Hence when we calculate a deficit, it too will not always be smooth as activities come in and fall out of the rolling period.

Yes, you’re right. The calculation is not always smooth as I’m still at -103XXS this morning (24 hours later). I guess I get used to the way it calculates over time. Thank you, Armando.

Hi, Armado, I’m also wondering about the Training Advisor and how it works. On Saturday morning, I did a workout and afterward, the TA told me I had a training surplus and my next workout should be in approx. 2.4 days. My understanding from that was, “OK, I technically don’t need to do my next workout until Tuesday afternoon.” But yesterday, about 30 hours later, I checked, expecting to see something like, “next workout should be in 1.4 days”, but it was telling me it should be in 0 days. This morning (Monday), I now have a training deficit of 35 XSS and should be doing a workout. Can you explain what’s going on? I don’t understand how to properly follow the TA’s advice.

Checkout our most recent FAQ. The recommendations are not continuous (they can’t be unless you want to always be ahead or behind).

Stefan, here’s the link :

Thanks, Armando and Christian, I think I understand better now. :slight_smile: