Adaptive Training Advisor vs Fitness Planner

Hi community,

today I stumbled on a problem in Xert which I don’t understand. My Adaptive Training Advisor says that I have a training deficit of 83 XSS. So it does its suggestions. If I go into the Fitness Planner and schedule a workout for today, the pop-up screen shows me a training deficit of 105 XSS. How can this gap be explained? Its the deficit for the same day.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Hello Steffen. Check the “Usual Activity Time” value as this is the time that is used on the Planner. On the Training Advisor My Fitness page, it is based on the current time.

Hi Armando. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this does not solve it. Even when I go to the Fitness Planner, click the date of today, dial back the time of the activity to the current time, the gap does not close. Today its even worse. Training Advisor tells me 60 XSS deficit. Fitness Planner with current time tells me 130 XSS deficit.

I just figured out that if you change the time in the fitness planner it will adjust it. If you go into the current date, and change the time in the pop up screen, it does not change. Maybe a browser problem? using Safari