Adaptive Training Advisor vs Advisor Recommended Workouts

I will fully admit that I am still climatizing to Xert so forgive me if the answer to my question is obvious. I am trying figure out why the advice given to me by XATA differs from the list of workouts it suggests I do. In the following screen shot:

XATA suggests an Endurance workout with an XSS = 75, but based on recent activities performed on Friday’s. Why is it looking at what I typically do on Friday’s and not looking at what I have done just prior to today and give advice based on recent training, improvement rate, goals, etc? Sometimes I don’t workouts on Friday’s, sometimes I do. To add to the confusion, the advisor then recommends the following workout:

The proposed workout has significantly less XSS than is suggested, and has a focus of ‘Climber’ when it suggested ‘Endurance’.

I would really appreciate your help with this.


Hi Rob,

The XATA is also considering the difficulty of the workout. We likely dont have any 1 diamond Endurance workouts that have 75XSS in our library, so it found the closest 1 diamond workout that would be as close to the recommended 75. You could try turning up your Freshness Feedback (if you feel fairly fresh), so that XATA will recommend slightly harder workouts (we have plenty of 2 diamond endurance workouts).

OK - thanks Scott!

Can you comment on why the system looks at activities performed on previous Friday’s (I am wanting to do the workout on a Friday, but I don’t necessarily do workouts every Friday), rather than my workout history of the few days prior?