Adaptive Training Advisor info panel

The Adaptive Training Advisor displays all sorts of training parameters such as focus, XSS goal, Focus etc. It also includes Interval Target power. All this is great.

The information contained in the adjacent workout detail panel has similar relevant info, but NOT interval target power. In fact, I can’t see Interval Target referenced anywhere else in Xert.

I think this interval target info would making selecting a workout much easier. The only way to get this info is to open the workout in Designer mode to see the power of the intervals by mousing over the interval. The Equivalent Power found in Designer mode is rather useless for selecting a suggested workout as it is ‘normalized’ power of the entire workout.

In the next iteration of Xert, it would be nice to have the same info, particularly Interval Target, found in the Adaptive Training Advisor in the Workout description, .


Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the feedback!

By now you’ve probably noticed that Xert doesn’t generally have “basic” workout intervals (like 5x5, 4x8, etc.). Instead, you’ll find that our workouts are very dynamic & respond in real-time as you’re performing them.

If doing a workout outside where following dynamic workouts could be difficult, you could aim to do a basic workout using the interval target power as the ‘ON’ interval and recovering below LTP for the recovery intervals. If you’re looking to ‘free ride’ to the Xert recommendations, this would generally be the way to do it.

For a ‘big picture’ response to your question, Xerters know that it’s not the structure or interval power of the workout that makes you more fit. For example, there isn’t anything magical about 4x8’s or Ronnestad 13x 30s/15s! What makes those workouts effective are the strain (XSS) you get from doing them. For example, 4x8 is an effective workout (relative to 4x4 or 4x16) because it generates more XSS.

Xert’s Adaptive Training Advisor eliminates the need for users to manually look at the exact workout intervals for each workout… Xert does more than that by looking at every workouts’ Focus, total XSS, difficulty score, etc. and already presents the best options for your training needs. :slight_smile:

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