Adaptive Training Advisor Appears Stuck

Hi, The Adaptive Training Advisor in my account appears stuck. No matter what workout I do, it has the following data displayed:

Today’s Training Deficit : 17 XSS
Phase : Peak
Estimated Training Needed : 0.3 hours / 0.2 activities
Focus Type : GC Specialist (Focus: 08:00 | Interval Targets: 163W)
Workout Goal : 99 XSS (+82 XSS Training Surplus)
Difficulty Rating:
Advice is based on your recent activities performed on Thursdays.

Am I misunderstanding something? The “Today’s Training Deficit” says 17 XSS even though I just finished a workout with 93 XSS.

Hi Saad,

If you pay attention to the top of the screen when you’re on the ATA tab, you should see a notification like this: " Your current Training Load is below 15. The Training Advisor will provide better guidance when you reach this level." Are you seeing that on your end?

Do you mean the main “My Fitness” page? No, though I do recall seeing that a while back as I came back to Xert after a period of inactivity. But don’t see that now.

Oh now I see it once I switched away from that tab and back

Does this just mean I need to do more activities in Xert before the ATA gives better advice?

Yup. We want to avoid giving workouts that may be too difficult to some users returning from injury or who are new to the sport. We suggest free rides to start building up some fitness and stamina, and once you reach a training load of 15, the ATA will begin providing you some guidance for your more specific training. Hope that helps!