Adaptive Training Advisor and Timezone (Japan TZ)

Hello from Tokyo, Japan. Is Xert aware of timezones?

As I write this, it’s currently Tuesday, May 24th at around 8:40am. The Adaptive Training Advisor seems be referring to activities for Tuesday, however my last activity was on Monday, finishing up around 10:00pm. What’s going on?

From Adaptive Training Advisor:

You are in the Continuous Improvement program and have chosen a Moderate-1 weekly improvement rate. You have a Training Surplusof 47 XSS points allowing you about 1.7 days before doing your next workout.. Estimated break until next workout is 1.7 days.
Advice is based on your recent activities performed on Tuesdays as of 4:00 am

The amount of XSS is based on recent activities you performed on Tuesdays and will help you move towards a training surplus.

I would have thought it would be talking about Monday?
I have the “Advice as of” set to 4am. Is this causing problems? (I find myself occasionally cycle commuting home past midnight, hence setting this to 4am.)

XATA operates on a rolling 7-day period.
“based on recent activities you performed on day-of-week” reflects what you did in recent weeks on same day. For example, if you normally ride long on Saturday the XSS suggestion will reflect similar score for this Saturday based on your current deficit/surplus and factoring in your ramp rate.

Some set the As Of time under Goals to when they normally workout. Current recommendation is to use the default (11:59pm) to reflect advice as of end-of-day, or 1:00am to reflect advice as of start-of-day.

Time Zone is configured under Account Settings, Personal Info if you need to change it.