Adaptive Planner - planned activity query

Hi all,

Do future planned activities affect adaptive workout selections / parameters for intermediate activities? For example, I have regular Thursday evening and Sunday morning group rides and have added these to the planner by favouriting previous events and adding these to my calendar (so they include typical XSS values). If I plan a workout for, say, a Tuesday, does the planner take into account the planned activity when considering my current deficit, training plan, improvement rate etc? Would it suggest a without with a lower XSS on the basis I’ve got more activities coming up with which to hit my weekly goals?

Thanks very much.


Not at this time. It won’t attempt to “taper” your current training for future workouts. If you want to maintain additional freshness for those rides, you’ll need to account for this when choosing your workout.

Ok, thanks Armando - I am tending to select workouts ‘live’ in any event (rather than adding lots of planned activities), so will continue to manage on this basis. The more I use the system and the planner, the more I get used to how it all fits together.