Adapt Forecast

Adapt Forecast…

  1. First tries rearranging/adjusting the forecast within the next week to adjust for the change
  2. If that doesn’t make the rest of the plan work, it will try to make small changes during the whole plan, maintaining all constraints
  3. If that doesn’t work, it wil need to re-forecast a new plan.

If your plan has no wiggle room for changes (i.e. tightly wound as I refer to it), it will likely have to re-forecast every time and eventually will fail to find a plan. This means that you’re at the very limit of what you can reach and any training you miss will likely prevent you from reaching the target event/goal.

We’re looking into ways to forewarn athletes about this.


It seems like the limit is 299 TL

299 XSS in average every day at the peak? WOW :slight_smile:

Good to know.

Trying to avoid starting too many topics and this seems like the right place to also mention I’ve noticed that adapting the forecast still throws up strange artefacts vs re-forecast. I know there were posts on issues with it previously but the New Update post indicated it was updated so maybe fixed??

The issue I had is adapt seemed to dramatically increase TL for a week after an unscheduled ride, whereas re-forecasting was more what I’d expect (the base ride already in the calendar moved back a day or two)

More detail in-case it helps:
I’ve got a plan in to follow for an event end of April. Today I went out for a social group ride that wasn’t in the forecast plan, but figured the AI is meant to adapt and, especially early days like this, I can add in extra, hit adapt and it will shuffle accordingly to accommodate social rides.

However, Adapt forecast took me from the next 3 days being rest days before ~170 XSS on Wednesday and then a long weekend session, to having another ~170 XSS session tomorrow, then 75 XSS sessions everyday of the week until the bigger ones on the weekend. Weirdly, the week after dropped right back to the 2-3 ride figure.

Going to goals and hitting forecast has it back like what I might expect, a few rest days and then a base ride now later in the week.

Known issue still, or is it working as intended?

At 274 TL at the moment. Mostly low intensity, about 30hrs a week

Sounds like a full time job :slight_smile:

It really is. It’s not just the training but everything else around it to make it work takes time too😀

This new algorithm seems to work really well.

Question, Do do you think it makes sense to allow you to decide whether to keep or delete planned activities when doing a reforecast?

I’d like to force a specific activity on a specific day and re forecast around that but it doesn’t seem to work as it will just remove that from the calculation.

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If I am understanding correctly, you’re wanting to schedule a activity of your choice on a specific day and have it re-forecast around it?

I’ve been doing that for jogs, pre-planned rides, commutes, etc by adding the activity/workout to that day using the + button rather than clicking “Choose training” on the forecast block… then I adapt forecast and it seems to take it into account when scheduling the forecasted training. Sometimes it adds a short forecasted workout for that same day if it wants me to do more on that day. To avoid that, I schedule my activity for that day and then mark that day as unavailable so it doesn’t add anything else.

I try to avoid doing that too often as I want to try and stick with the plan as much as possible rather than keep trying to go against what it suggests.

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I did try that but for some reason it forecast an almost equal training for the same day, that would make me very red, have not tried marking as unavailable. I do get the idea of letting it provide the advice and following it but I know that there are specific days that are more suited for me to do harder rides based on my schedule and I would rather schedule those and then work the rest of the week around it.

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