Adapt Forecast: Show change

When running the Adapt Forecast, I often want to review the changes. This is of course most interesting for the next few days. This is currently impossible without having the original calendar in a separate window. Would it be possible to make a small change where you showed the current/old value in parentheses, alternatively the change. What do you think @xertedbrain?

It would also be great if you changed the background colors to match full weeks (reflecting the user’s Start of the Week setting). Now it looks like the white background covers eight days, while the gray background covers six colors. If not, I suggest you keep the background color the same for the full chart.

Furthermore, instead of “2.8 hours” as the duration, you should show “2h 48m”, as this is how the planned workout is presented in the calendar/planner.

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Thanks @hpbieker . These are reasonable requests but might be bit tricky to work on in the immediate future. A comparison of the before-and-after for an Adapt Forecast is a good thing, presenting it in a way that is most meaningful is a challenge. Given that we’ve had many requests to just automate the adaptation process without inspection first, may make this likely a burden to many users. Generally, I think most users just adapt and save at the moment.

We’ll look to address the others in future updates.

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