Adapt forecast after breakthrough

Hi had a bit of a breakthrough (ca. 8w higher TP) earlier in the week, but after having generated an AI Forecast plan, and now when I adapt forecast it plans next to no training for the next week or so, even though I have not done a huge amount of training this week (ramp rate of only 1.5). Training load drops for ca 3 weeks

I think the logic it applies is that my goal is now easier to reach, so I can afford to take it easy for a week or so and still get there… but I think a better alternative would be to take me there with a slower ramp rate?

Re-running the whole forecast does give more sensible results; it seems to be another case of the ‘adapt forecast’ giving strange results, so just flagging. (I won’t save the new forecast for now, in case you need to see the example)

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Some changes/fixes coming soon.

Breakthroughs should not affect the overall plan, in my opinion. For target goals, we’re going to maintain the same increase as per the original goal after any breakthrough. So if your goal was to increase your 20 minute power by 50 watts and you get a breakthrough at the half way point, you’ll be targetting an increase in 25 watts against your new 20 minute power for the remainder of the plan. This should end up with very similar final training loads. For Events, we’ll maintain the final training load targets.

What we don’t want to give you a plan that decreases your power because you’ve already surpassed the target power goal, for example.