Ad rest for regular "free" outdoors workout

Hi guys!

I’ve been very happy using Xert for almost 2 years.
Since this last fall, I’ve using the Continous mode. All fits quite well to my current work/life routine. Xerts proposes to me, a daily workout each day during the week. Up to 12h/week. It’s hard, but is ok!

My question is how could I say Xert, ey! I want to go outdoors on saturdays or sundays and make 3, 4, 5h…on the road alone (or with a small group)

It’s possible to “include” this outdoors sessions within a Continious or Event target mode, and not having a hard workout the day before??

English is not my native language. I hope I have expressed myself properly!!

Thanks for your help!!

You can favourite activities, these will then be able to be dragged onto your planner. So if you go out this weekend and ride for 3hours, on the activity page favourite it by clicking on the star, then go to your planner, switch from workouts to activities and drag/drop on to the day in the future you intend to ride outdoors for a similar duration again.

Remember Xert is designed to be flexible not rigid, so if you need/want an extra day of freshness before your outdoor rides, then either use the filter in the workout options to give you an easier workout by selecting the maximum difficulty you wish to do, or just choose your own workout that meets your needs.

Have a play around with the planner, probably not advisable to plan more than a week in advance, but once you see how it all works it is much easier than how I’ve probably explained it.


Ok ok …I didn’t know that it could be done like this.
I will do a test this weekend

Thanks a lot ChopStick!

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I’ve grabbed a couple of screenshots that’ll explain it better.

The red arrow shows where to favourite an activity. This is a 3hr endurance ride with a time-trial focus, perfect for an endurance activity. I use this to populate the planner to see how it affects XSS etc.

Second screenshot is showing the planner, note activities is selected rather than the default workouts, now you can drag/drop your favourite activities on to the days you plan on riding. It’s worth noting that Xert won’t adjust the XSS and recommendations in the days preceding your activity, only the days following the activity. Also worth remembering that Xert uses a rolling 7 days for XSS and ramp rate, rather than a more traditional Monday-Sunday that some other calendars use.

Once you’ve played around with it a bit, it is very easy and super helpful to plan out a week, I’m doing an Audax challenge at the moment where I have to ride a 200km ride each month, so I drag an activity onto the day I plan to ride and then adjust the preceding days so I arrive fresh for my long ride.


Crystal clear! :+1: :+1: :+1:

I suppose that if you don’t do exactly the planned route for that exact day, Xert readjusts everything to the next days.
I mean if you add to the plan a 3h route, but at the end you do 2h or… 4h for any circumstance

Yes, that’s the beauty of Xert. Use the planner to give yourself a rough idea of how much training and what sort of sessions you need, then as the days go by it’ll adapt, so if you do more riding on your endurance rides your XSS requirements the following days will adjust. I try and stay on course for the Improvement Rate I’ve chosen, and I try and stick to the focus that Xata recommends, but depending on the time I have available I’ll choose a workout accordingly. So if I haven’t much time my endurance workout might be a bit more intense than traditional zone 2, conversely as it’s my day off on Friday this week and the weather is looking okay, I’ll ride easier for longer outdoors until I’m roughly in the ballpark for my XSS target, might even do a bit extra on Friday so I can have an easier day on Saturday. It’s this flexibility that cookie cutter one size fits all plans don’t have.