Activity Sync... (Strava and/or Garmin Connect)

I joined Xert at the time Garmin Connect was offline to due to ransomware. No problem so far, my activities have been syncing from Strava to Xert. Is there any benefit to syncing from Garmin Connect instead? If both are connected to Xert are the duplicates removed? I’ll keep Garmin Connect unconfigured at this time while I receive some feedback and they recover their services.


For cycling I don’t think it makes much difference. (For running Strava strips power data so you wouldn’t want that)

I’m wondering how to get the Xert workouts (done on the Android app) on Connect. Can’t see a way to get Xert to upload them, and the TCX file from the workout that I got off of Strava is refused by Connect.

If you open the activity performed on your android on Xert, you’ll notice a download button in the top right-hand corner:

You can download the .fit file there and manually upload to Garmin Connect if you’d like. The Garmin Connect sync isn’t bi-directional like Strava syncing.

I don’t have this button. Is it disabled in trial mode? Am I blind?

Edit: Probably it’s due to me deleting/re-importing everything at some point. I’ll find out next workout and report back if there’s a real issue.

Sadface. Maybe if Connect IQ goes back up, I can try the Garmin app, which I assume “fixes” that.

Is there any downside to having both Garmin Connect and Strava sync’d with Xert?

Also does Xert report L/R power balance from any platform? Right now I see the data in Training peaks sync’d from Garmin Connect, but I don’t see the balance in Xert, maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

There is no downside, but one day Garmin might get it pushed first, Strava the next. Only Garmin -> Xert -> Strava will give Xert’s extra info in the comments.

Like with a few other metrics, Xert doesn’t care how you achieve your Watts, so no L/R balance reported.