Activity not shared to strava

Today’s indoor ride never appeared in my Strava Feed. How to fix it? If it’s not in Strava, it’s not in Apple Fitness, and my exercise ring won’t close.

@mpjalapeno it could be possible that Strava was temporarily unavailable when your ride was completed.

if the ride was recorded with Xert EBC, you should be able to download the activity file from the activity details page (‘Download’ button in top right-hand corner). Save the file to your computer and manually upload it to Strava. Cheers!

It would be nice if Xert you add the Xert image to rides not recorded with the Xert EBC app as well (e.g. you cycle computer or watch).

That worked, though the Graphics (power graph) did not show in Strava, as it normally does when Xert (iOS) saves the workout.

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Not something Strava supports unfortunately.

You can manually download the workout report image (the Gauge Icon next to Cycling Summary in the upper right-hand corner) to your computer and manually add it to your activity in Strava.

@ManofSteele Thanks, but I wasn’t able to find that? Do you mean the Ride Summary, I do not see any clickable icons there?

Workout = An activity where you did an Xert workout not a general activity recording.

As I mentioned I was looking for a way of generating this report when not using the Xert EBC app. I normally use TrainerRoad for the recording. As far as I can see the gauge is only showing up when I have used the Xert EBC app, and does not show up when I am using TrainerRoad — even if I have imported the workout file from Xert.

Why can’t this report be generated for all activities? As far as I can see the data is not really derived from the Xert workout, but from your fitness signature.

We’ve had requests to publish reports for every activity. We may look to enhance our reports in the future, especially in light of the new features coming. Only so much we can do all at once. :frowning_face:

Okay, I understand!