Activity names on Xert no longer showing specificity or focus name

Is there a criteria for activities to be renamed in xert with their specifity? For some reason my past few rides or workouts just show on the garmin given name.

Previously rides would be changed on Xert.

ie. Moderate Polar Climber Ride, Moderate Polar Breakaway Specialist Ride, and Difficult Polar Puncheur Ride

Hi @Jmanyoma

Can you send a note to our support team so we can take a look into it? Thanks!

I have the same issue since start of this month. I record with a Garmin watch and sync from Garmin to Xert, same as always but now the Garmin names of “Town” “Activitiy Category” are synced to Xert instead of the “Difficulty” “Specificity” “Focus” “Activity” that Xert used to generate.


I opened a support ticket hoping to get the problem resolved

Sadly still haven’t heard back, I’ve also noticed that when I complete workouts it no long leaves the activity named the workout and instead changes to the garmin given “location cycling”


Previously the workouts would remain named the workout


Seems the issue really started after May 1


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I received a response but doesn’t seem like support has any idea why this issue is happening and the “blame” has just been passed to Garmin.


I did some manual troubleshooting and changed the garmin activities to have no name assigned to them leading to the activities being posted to garmin with “untitled” now the activities are being renamed in Xert with the type of ride they were. Wish I could get a definitive answer or at least some type of confirmation support is aware of what is happening or understanding why but doesn’t seem like it will be the case.



Honouring your Garmin activity names that are made on Garmin Connect is by design and when we receive a name update from Garmin, we keep it. It’s what users would expect. In this case, there was no error or problem. As you identified, if you change the setting for Activity Name to something other than Untitled, we’ll get a name update of the activity from Garmin and Xert will rename it to be the same accordingly. If you’re looking to see the activity name that Xert creates, you’ll want to change this setting back to Untitled.

Unfortunately, this behaviour is not well documented so we had to some troubleshooting to uncover what was happening.

definitely a new behavior, prior to may my activities would be named by Garmin but in xert they would maintain their activity name assigned by xert.

Will leave activities as untitled for now, hopefully can set it back to normal later.

For me it’s also clearly changed behavior. Garmin always had their town-activitytype names on my activities but Xert had the Xert specific ones until start of May when it changed without me doing anything at all neither on Garmin, nor on Xert nor the way I record the activities.

But it could of course be Garmin that changed something in the way they sync the activities to Xert. Mark the generic Garmin names as user given names now or something. Or they added the names after syncing before May or who knows.



And yes I know you don’t like people adding walking and other none cycling stuff but I barely have one star with everything and it seems to work pretty well. My theory is if you do little enough the none cycling stuff does count to at least keep you from falling off immediately when you do get on the bike.

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